Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why did it take so long for me to discover delicious? At work, I am known as the most "tech-savvy" one in the office. Although I seriously beg to differ (I figure out most things by playing around with a program until it magically starts working), I do enjoy the more artistic and tech-y projects I get randomly assigned to, including designing the layout of our annual report, creating form templates for internal and external communications, and more recently, produce a short video about our agency that will be used on our new and revamped website. Recently I am getting more assignments that require me to know a lot about the internet, and I feel like I am slowly getting left behind by my slightly younger cohorts, who have been using the internet before they could even walk. Although only a few years separate us, there are vast differences; I remember using a typewriter to type my high school papers, and my first email address was the one assigned to me during my first week of college orientation. I don't have a facebook or myspace page (yet), and html is intriguing but completely foreign to me. I was also completely oblivious to sites like delicious, which is heaven for info hoarders like me - it's basically a library for all of the interesting websites that you had browsed, had wanted to remember, but didn't have time or a piece of paper to write the address down. It allows you to tag your favorite sites so that they can be easily categorized, and you can search for sites that are tagged by other users. This discovery was done at work, in the name of "professional and work-related in-depth research." Fun!

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