Friday, July 11, 2008

Sweater Woes

So here's the story - I got 6 lovely skeins from Purl - Rowan Tapestry in Country. It's made partly out of wool, partly out of soy fiber. I loved the color scheme, and I loved it even more that it was on clearance! Soy fiber was also intriguing to me. I used a pattern from KnitScene, Fall 2006 called Platinum by Luncinda Heller, but it was a short sleeved sweater and was supposed to be short enough to expose the midriff. Seeing no sense in making a belly shirt out of a wool sweater, I decided to make it full length and make the sleeves as long as the yarn will hold out. It was my first project that required sewing the pieces together - ick. The result is above- although it looks pretty good on the coat hanger, it's so damn small that I look like an Olympic swimmer trying to put his speedos on after lunching at the all-you-can-eat-buffet. I am however, proud of my cabling job. The next step is ripping out the bottom and lengthening it - this is evidence that the sweater was intact and looked halfway decent before I go and butcher it beyond recognition! That, and I have to find a way to de-itchify the thing - tried using hair conditioner, with minimal results...

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