Saturday, June 14, 2008

Purl Bee... Again

The Purl Bee did it again. I made this for my non-hat wearing boyfriend, as my attempt to make him a hat from a pattern of my own making ended in dismal failure. You can find the pattern to this amazing hat, called the 70's Ski Hat here. Although it looks very simple on the outside, there is an element in the hat the makes it a hundred times better than a store bought hat, which is the extra layer in the headband, lining the bottom of the hat. The double layer not only adds extra warmth needed to survive the Northeastern winters, but also keeps the hat securely fastened on my boyfriend's big 'ol head. When probed about the probability of his wearing my handmade concoction, he is optimistic; it is however, the middle of summer, and it's easy to make promises when it's 100 degrees outside. Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

I want a hat like that!

fishsknitty said...

Thanks! I'll tell you what - I'll give my boyfriend two weeks after the first snowfall - if he doesn't wear it, it's yours. We'll see if he lives up to his promise.