Friday, July 11, 2008

Pit Stop at an Alpaca Farm in the Middle of Maine

Hurray for Alpacas and their woolly fluffiness. This is the most expensive scarf I have to date. At $14 a skein, I didn't want to buy the requisite 10 needed to make a small sweater that I'll inevitably botch, so I went stingy and bought 3 skeins. Although a scarf is a very basic and boring item, it is at the same time the perfect thing to snuggle against and hide behind when the man-made wind tunnels (thanks to high rises, lack of trees, and being on an island near the water) rip into you at 50 miles an hour. The picture was taken after one season of wearing, and it held up well - the scarf has started to felt a bit, no doubt from the snow and whatever else that got on it. The best part of it was that it's gotten softer over time, and not pilly like I expected. If I ever find the farm again, I'd like to go back - I remember it being near Moody's Diner, which is kinda-sorta famous... (sorry, Mainers)

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