Friday, December 26, 2008

Last Minute Knitted Gift - Gull Lace Patterned Scarf

Although I didn't finish this in time for Christmas, the finished product will be promptly mailed in time for New Year's. The gift recipient is my boyfriend's nine year old cousin, who I taught how to knit over the summer while visiting his family in Maine. I agonized over the yarn choice, as I am partial to natural fibers - I ended up settling for an acrylic/wool blend in a dusty rose that I got from the new Lion Brand Yarn Studio in NYC, as I figured that acrylic is more washer-friendly and thus more kid friendly. I used two balls of wool-ease in blush heather. To save time, I double stranded the yarn, using size 9 needles. The pattern was inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman's February baby sweater, where I used the 7 stitch pattern repeat twice, then used a plain garter stitch as a border. I started it at the JFK airport on Christmas eve, where I got a huge chunk of it done, as I was stuck there from 4pm until my delayed plane left at midnight. I didn't get home until 3 a.m... At one point, I was so bored that I started taking pictures of the ceiling, something that hadn't noticed or much appreciated before:

It has a nice 70s look to it, no?

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