Friday, August 28, 2009

Not So Lazy Days of Summer

Yikes, time has blown by so quickly... my knitting has hit the back burner - maybe some cool weather in the upcoming months will be a motivator to start up. Actually, the real problem is that I have about 4 projects with patterns that needed some major altering - I had written up vague outlines for what I was going to do, but the passage of time makes my notes look like gibberish - I can't make sense of anything I wrote - ack! I feel guilty starting up a new project so I am currently just sitting on my uncompleted ones. I've been keeping busy nonetheless - my summer life thus far has been full of (unsuccessful) job interviews, making up lame excuses at work so I can attend said interviews, GMAT studying, hosting out of town guests, as well as being hosted as an out of town guest in various places. Got to go peach picking in Ulster County, NY for the first time, and attended the Peaches and Wine festival.

I also just joined a postcard swap, which I have never done - the organizer's blog can be found here. It was forwarded to me via Facebook, of all places!

ONE LAST THING - tomorrow, I leave for Colombia (the country, not the school) for a little over a week - just for kicks. We plan on flying into Bogota, then going out near the coast - visiting Cartagena and Santa Marta before we have to fly back to the capital to go home. I got my vaccinations a little too late for them to be completely effective, but I suppose it's better than nothing! As an extra precaution, I've gone a little crazy with the purchasing of mosquito repellent... On the upside, Colombia is also very well known for their crafts, textiles, and leather goods, in addition to the beautiful landscapes, the culture, and its rich history - it should be lots of fun.