Thursday, October 16, 2008

Functional Work Item

Another great pattern from the Purl Bee - the original pattern is called Pretty Lace Hand warmers, although I wouldn't say my hand warmers are exactly pretty - I think it was my yarn choice, but I couldn't help but think from far away, it looks like I have hairy hands! Nonetheless, they have come in handy, as our office thermostat never can accurately gauge what is a comfortable room temperature. We are now at the stage of the season where you can't predict whether your day will be cold or hot, and so the default temperature at work is infinite coldness. My work involves sitting at my desk at a computer all day, so fingerless gloves are a much needed accessory for the arctic tundra that is my work space. Next time around, I would use softer yarn and a prettier color, but practically speaking, these hand warmers are a good transitional item during a temperamental seasonal change.

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