Friday, October 17, 2008

Corona is Completed~

Hurray! I finally got a chance to finish up one of my bigger projects. I got the pattern from CanaryKnits. It's accessible by Ravelry here, as well as through her blog. It's highly recommended that you check out her work - she has a lot of adorable patterns that she very generously posts for free. I don't think I did the pattern much justice - the yarn color is a bit drab. A pastel shade would be perfect for this, except I am not confident that I have the skin type to pull pastels off successfully... As for the pattern itself, I only made slight modifications - some of it on purpose, some of it not. I casted on more than what was stated on the pattern (an error), and instead of fixing it, I just kept going. I did 2x2 ribbing for 3 inches, instead of 1x1 for 5, so that it's looser on the bottom, because my body type is tubular, rather than the enviable hourglass - any emphasis on the waist makes me look more rotund and stumpy (frown) so it is to be avoided! This was the first time I did waist shaping, so that was fun - I didn't make as many decreases at the waist for the aforementioned reasons, and I didn't make as many increases for the bust. The tricky part was the paneling - I did that part many times over, because I couldn't figure out which direction to go in, at all! I am helpless with any kind of directions, so no surprise there. Luckily, I owned a sweater that had similar paneling, and I was able to figure it out from just looking at it. The project itself didn't take too long to do, but I am procrastinator when it comes to sewing in ends and blocking. I think I may re-block it again, as my tendency to knit VERY loosely causes my sweaters to grow exponentially in size. All in all however, a happily completed project!

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