Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Beaverslide Dry Goods

I realized that I haven't posted much about knitting recently... Although I am not as frantic as I was during the holidays, I am trying not to slack off too much - currently I have two projects in the works, one of which is making a sweater out of this beautiful yarn from Beaverslide Dry Goods. All of the yarn comes from their farm in Montana. The prices are reasonable, given the amount of yardage you get, and the pictures they post of the yarn are pretty accurate. Although the color palette is much more vivid than I'm used to, I think this is a wonderful change for me, considering my tendency to veer towards various shades of brown! I haven't washed the yarn, so I don't know if the color bleeds or if the vivid colors tend to fade over time. I bought two types of yarn; four wool skeins in a gold-ish yellow, and four skeins of the blue, which is an alpaca and wool blend. I have 1.5 sleeves and a collar to do before the blue yarn gets unveiled to the world - can't wait! I am still on the lookout for a project that will complement the yellow yarn - although the blue and yellow are both considered worsted weight, I found that the yellow yarn is more bulky to work with... No matter what I do, my gauge is somewhere around 3-4 stitches per inch! Surely there are some patterns out there that are dying to be matched to this yarn, but it has yet to be found~

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