Thursday, April 16, 2009

Your Thoughts on Kombucha?

I was first introduced to this weirdness a couple of weeks ago by my boyfriend's sister. It is a fermented beverage that touts a laundry list of health properties including a boosted immune system and better circulation, among other virtues. And like most things, I will give anything a go at least once, so I tried it. For having zero expectations on what it was going to taste like, I was taken somewhat aback. It smelled and tasted what I imagine an unwashed foot would taste like. It was very acidic, tart, slightly carbonated, very much like vinegar. At the time I was not so cool with it and didn't have a second sip; less than a week later however, I found myself at the drink aisle of the grocery store picking up another bottle. I don't know really know why; I felt like it couldn't get the best of me, maybe. It also reminded me a bit of Natto, which I happen to love. (For people who don't know, Natto is a Japanese dish of fermented soybeans that is also supposed to be very good for you. Definitely an acquired taste - you have to be brain-washed into loving it from infancy, although there are some lovers of Natto who tried it in adulthood, but they tend to be kind of quirky to begin with.) I'm at my third bottle, and I still don't know if I hate it or slightly like it. The health benefits are also a bit hazy - it's either raved about as the next panacea, or it's a hazard that caused liver failure and deadly allergic reactions. Any thoughts?

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