Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Has Arrived!

The good weather is always a motivator - some stuff that I have been doing as of late:

Make vanilla extract... I will tell you the results in 6 months. I found out how to do it here.

Been eating way too much - my days of running 6 miles a day and doing sports year-round are long gone! I have been trying to do much more manageable, low impact exercises using The Ball. It's harder than it looks. Then again, I may be horribly out of shape.

Those crazy non-gluten eaters. I tried giving this a try. I don't know how I feel about it yet. Maybe over time, I'll love it, but right now I like the idea of it more than the taste.

I have not been out of the United States since 2006. This is a problem for me. I daydream of places to go when I should be working. But, I managed to book a flight to Bogota for late July - it's only 6 hrs from NYC. Soooo excited!

I am not a big jewelry person, so when I got a gift certificate to Tiffanys, I wasn't too thrilled. I kept the gift certificate for a year before I decided on getting the Frank Gehry Fish. Simple and not too frou-frou, so I think I can leave it on and forget about it!

My current fast food obsession - $3 falafels at Oasis, off the Bedford stop on the L - 161 North 7th Street - yum, yum. I've been dragging everyone I know there. Yes, I am a food evangelist.

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