Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maine, Part II: Inspiration from Nature + Apple Pie Plans

Nothing says fall like mums, according to my flower-loving beau. He has been talking non-stop about the damn things, trying to get me to buy them at the farmer's market in Union Square, when in fact it is he who wants to have them! I have been somewhat wary about buying flowering plants - my past attempts to maintain an indoor hibiscus tree, begonias, and roses have all ended in dismal failure. His resolve to not buy the flowers himself dissipated in Maine however, and he ended up buying two pots when he saw a 2 for 1 special. I have to admit that the flowers are pretty, and the first thing I thought was that the color combo would look great on a pair of mittens, or incorporated into a fair isle pattern. Taking the plants home on the bus wouldn't have been so much of problem, except we also ended up buying a kalanchoe and a non-edible pepper plant at the greenhouse, plus a bag full of apples after visiting an apple farm near his parent's house. While the plants were an impulse buy faciliated through rock-bottom pricing, the apple purchase was planned, and is something that I have been anticipating for quite some time.
These greenish apples you see are Cortlands, right before I plucked them from their homes; they have snow white insides, with green and red skins. They have a very crunchy texture, with a slightly tart taste - my favorite! A lot of the other apples have been picked over by the time we got there and were only available as "drops" (apples that have fallen from the tree and someone had already picked and bag them), so we ended up with a bag of Corts and Macs. Macs aren't my favorite, so I'll probably end up making a pie using just Mac apples.
Unrelated note: Sheep and Wool is only 3 days away! More knitting posts to come.

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