Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beautiful Leaves in Maine

Columbus Day afforded us some time away from the city; we took the infamous Fung Wah to Boston, where we were picked up and whisked away to the Vacation State by my boyfriend's parents, who very generously picked us up at 11 pm, then drove us back, arriving at 2:30 in the morning. As we crossed state lines, we noticed right away that the Republican party was campaigning very hard; it turns out that the state is among the very few that splits electoral votes. Although the party has conceded southern Maine to the Democrats, they have put their efforts toward the north, and are rallying at every town that will welcome them. This is quite a change from Brooklyn and the Bronx, which is overwhelmingly Democratic. We were pretty much in the middle to southern part of Maine, so no one bothered us for the most part, giving us more time to appreciate the beautiful fall scenery. Although some areas had lost their leaves, most of the leaf-turning was at its peak. Weather-wise, it was perfect autumn weather: sunny, but cool - the word "crisp" comes to mind. Needless to say, much of my mornings were spent on the deck that was built on the side of my boyfriend's parents' house, being a complete picture taking fool! They also have a fire pit on the deck, and it seemed like everyone from town came by to roast marshmallows with us when we started a bonfire one evening - I guess that happens when one's parents are both elementary school teachers in a small town~ And here's a random fact: I was told that red leaves are an indication that there is a lot of sugar in that tree. If those trees are maples, it means that those trees are prime candidates for quality maple syrup! Good to know.

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