Sunday, September 14, 2008

Knitting/Pranking Fun at Shea Stadium

Although I love playing sports, I'm not much of a sports spectator. So when my boyfriend's two uncles came to NYC this weekend to see the Mets (in Queens) and the Yankees (in the Bronx), I was dreading the obligatory outing, making sure to bring plenty of knitting to keep me sane during the long inning stretches. One must note that this season is somewhat significant, as it will be the last time the two teams will be playing in their old stadiums, because each team has simultaneously built new stadiums that will be unveiled in the upcoming season. (If you see the pic on left, the old and new Mets stadiums are built right next to each other... ugh... Personally, I think it's a waste of space, resources, and money to build new stadiums when the old ones were perfectly adequate, but for one reason or another, people are very excited about it, so I won't say much more!)

Just as my luck would have it, our game on Saturday ended up being a doubleheader, because the game from the night before was rained out. There were some good outcomes: I finished a belt for my recently completed Starsky because I couldn't make up my mind about closures. I casted on 12 stitches, and on the right side, K1, P2, K2, P2, K2, P2, K1 and did the reverse for the wrong side. Although I didn't measure, I think it ended up being a little over 48 inches. So an immediate decision about closures can be postponed for a little bit longer...

I also got another gift at Shea Stadium in the form of amusement when in the middle of the second game, a drunken and passed out spectator became the object of ridicule for many. The incident amazingly enough was chronicled on YouTube - in essence, the guy was so out of it that he was oblivious to people stacking beer cups on his head. Yes, it's very juvenile and reminiscent of the antics of college frat boys, but after enduring nearly 5 hours of baseball watching, listening to baseball talk, and staunchly defending how appropriate knitting is to the occasion, I was very happy for the distraction! While we weren't sitting directly on the field, we got a pretty good bird's eye view of the whole incident. The first pic is when we first started noticing that people were cheering for something other than the players on the field, and that there was a strange clump of people in one particular spot. The second picture is a close-up of what was happening when we figured out what was going on - clearly, you can see the stack of beer cups, as well as the poor victim's well-shaved head. Is this entertainment-worthy enough to blog about? Probably not. I have learned however, that everything is relative. In this case, the incident was a welcome alternative to watching the game. Sorry baseball lovers!

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