Friday, September 12, 2008

Angel Babies!

Although I am not wildy crazy about fish (I prefer the furry, 4 legged type of pets), my boyfriend is fish crazy - he has an 80 gallon tank in our apartment, plus a 20 gallon "hospital" tank to sequester the sickies. I heard the bad news that we may have to get another tank, because the hospital tank became a love nest turned fish fry nursery, as two of the Angelfish had babies! Hundreds of them! This was after about the 10th try - at first, the parent fish would confuse the eggs with food and eat them all; then there were water issues and they died off, etc. It's too complicated/geeky for me to understand and explain - I am sure he thinks I am the same way with knitting, hehe. It's been about two weeks since they have hatched, and so far, so good. It takes about 6-8 weeks for the little speckles to actually look like respectable mini-angels. So right now it's too early to tell whether my boyfriend can quit his day job and be a full-time fish peddler - we'll see what happens.

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