Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Loose Ends

I have so many uncompleted projects, it's not even funny - I just started a new cardigan pattern, nevermind the fact that I have three more sweaters on the back burner, waiting to be finished. The reason why I have so many sweaters waiting is because I mostly knit on the subway to and from work (3 hours a day!), and there are certain things you can and cannot do on a subway. Knitting on a circular needle, you can do. Following a crazy cable pattern is sometimes possible (although you get a bit dizzy from trying to keep your eye on the pattern while the train is swaying and grumpy people are trying to squish you, hehe). Sewing in seams - I am sure you can do that on a train if you really wanted, but probably won't work out that well! Because there are so many small but important things that you can't do on the subway, my sweaters inevitably get neglected, although I have no excuse for ignoring my River Forest Gansey from Hand Knit Holidays (the red sweater at the top right of this post). I started this in October of 2007. It was the first time I ever followed a pattern of any sort and I was nervous - this created a problem for me later, because the back of the sweater is MUCH smaller than the front, the reason being that I was so tense that I was knitting much tighter than I usually knit. In the end, I managed to sew the pieces together, and I hope blocking it will fix the sizing problem. Oh, and I have to finish making the sleeves. Then there's the green Starsky (see left), which has also been sewn together recently. I'm on sleeve #2, but it's the first time I have ever picked up stitches for a sleeve, and I didn't know when/where I should start the decreases so I've had to put it on every couple of rows to make it look like something wearable. I've also discovered that when you pick up stitches for the sleeve, you don't get much room for the top of the shoulder, so it's a bit tighter than I would like - from this experience, I think that picking up stitches, albeit easier, does not make for a good fitting sweater, unless I'm doing something wrong... Then there's my second try at the Platinum pattern (brown sweater at right). I made it a size bigger than my previous attempt - this is an easy knit on the subway, except that I am getting to the point where I have to use two balls of yarn to do the front collar. One of these days I will get it all done - by the time sweater season comes, I hope!

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