Thursday, August 28, 2008

Great Deodorant Recipe (Really)

I am so excited (maybe too excited?)! I had my much anticipated deodorant making party with one of my more tolerant-of-my-random-antics friends. The whole process took 10 minutes - so easy (I just poured all of the ingredients into a glass jar and heated it up, so there was zero transferring and zero clean-up)! The only thing that was surprising was the amount of essential oil I used; I ended up putting in a lot more than I thought I was going to. I kept smell testing it and putting in more and more... At first, all you can really smell is shea butter, which isn't bad, but isn't all that good either. It took awhile for the orange fragrance to come to the forefront. Once that happened, I left it to solidify. I was pretty impatient, so I stuck it in the freezer and voila! I am so giddy. So far so good - your body heat melts the deodorant pretty quickly so it's easy to put on, there is no streaking, and it smells awesome~

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