Thursday, July 3, 2008

Knitting Rant

Although I claim to have a passion for knitting, I realized I had more rant posts than knit posts... oops! I'll blame the heat for my spicy ways. I do have a number of projects, which I haven't had a chance to post - completed items include a silk/wool shrug, a short sleeve sweater (that needs modification, as it currently fits an 8 year old. It needs an upgrade so that it can fit a 12 year-old. Yes, it's for me - spiciness and shortness of stature seem to mix, or rather, it's better tolerated by the general public, dismissed as cute or feisty and not taken very seriously... grr...), an alpaca scarf made with ridiculously expensive yet oh so soft yarn (at $14 a skein x 3 to make the scarf, it better be!) bought on impulse in the rural backroads of Maine, and hand warmers (practical for the two days between switching the office air system from summer to winter). In between projects include the River Forest Gansey from Hand Knit Holidays (I was nervous about doing an intricate pattern, so I knit tighter for the parts of the sweater that I did first, namely the back, so that the front and back are disproportionate, and I am too lazy to do it over, or block it into shape, plus I have to finish making the sleeve, not to mention make the collar and sew it together -blah!), and the Central Park Hoodie (which I have all the parts for, I just have to sew in the sleeves, then block it into submission). Upcoming projects that I haven't started or bought yarn for include some/a lot of items in Vintage Knits. All of the projects, including any upcoming and uncompleted ones require touching wool in 100 degree weather... most of which are completed during my morning commute filled with grumpy Brooklyn-ites, then Manhattan-ites, then Bronx-ites as I make my way through 3 boroughs for a total of 3 hours each day... not so appealing. But I have been on a knitting kick, despite it all - must do it while it lasts, as my undiagnosed but long suspected ADHD will kick in and I'll find new things to obsess about for a short time... only to revisit them a month, or 5 years later.

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