Monday, July 7, 2008

Bye Bye Nalgene

Having resisted the Anti-Nalgene movement for as long as I could (I faithfully used my undergrad and graduate school themed Nalgenes for years) I finally gave into convention and got myself a Kleen Kanteen, over the more popular and more wildly coveted Sigg. This was a planned impulsive buy at Freeport Maine's LL Bean Flagship store during the fourth of July weekend. I was very excited, as it looked like an old school milk bottle, and the top was wide enough for me to wash out with a scrub brush. There were no signs of an epoxy coating in the Klean Kanteen found in the Sigg, which in all likelihood would later reveal to cause yet another horrible disease! Although the Sigg was a bit more exciting in design, the coating on the inside of the bottle freaked me out. Aesthetics almost trumped real or imagined health concerns, until I saw the price. The Kanteen was cheaper, and I of course never turn down the better deal! Being an avid drinker of tea however, I am somewhat concerned that my new heat conducting toy will end up giving me third degree burns - true to its word, it is a piece of metal with no coating whatsoever. But by being a panic driven consumer yuppie, the very type of person I have fought not to be (although inevitably will be), maybe I deserve a taste of my own medicine...

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