Monday, July 13, 2009

Nerd Alert! Will be seeing Harry Potter TONIGHT!

I never gave much thought to the Harry Potter series when the books came out - I love children's books (Wrinkle in Time and The Giver are what immediately come to mind) but books about wizards didn't really appeal to me. I remember reading the first book and thinking it was okay, and somehow I managed to keep reading the other books as they came out. The next thing I knew, I became completely obsessed! Although movies in general are almost never as good as the books, I have been going to see the Harry Potter movies. And, if you are a nerd like me, you will know that the movie release date in the United States is July 15th. I however, will get to see the movie today, at 6:30 pm! A fellow social worker was able to get in on some charity tickets that no one wanted... a small perk for being a social worker, I suppose. Oh! And another bonus - there are prizes for the best dressed Harry Potter character! I admit I was almost tempted, but that would be carrying the nerd-thing too far...

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