Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Oh, neglected blog. More posts to come, soon - completed but unposted projects include the climbing vines pullover and a fully-lined Elizabeth (which sadly, I can't find now). Some works in progress include: a modified Elaine's Blouse, Shalom Cardigan, and the impossibly intricate, gorgeous, but pain in the butt Eva Raglan Pull. Side note and a quick FYI to all people who love discount yarns: there's a sale going on at Knots and Bolts until midnight tonight - you can get your project staples like Cascade 220 for a little over $5 - woohoo! Not as cheap as Knitpicks, but I find Cascade pills less, at least for me. It's time to stock up - in times of recession, every little bit helps. Cheers!

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