Thursday, January 29, 2009

Rotating Images of Happiness

We have had the same coffee table for a number of years, a vestige of the college days where decor didn't really matter - while it was lovingly handmade by my boyfriend, it was decorated with strategically placed beer caps so that it looked like an Irish flag. While I don't doubt his artistic abilities or his hard work, the table was simply not very charming. I didn't have the heart to tell him to get rid of it though, and so it sat there as a proud centerpiece of the living room until recently, when the last of its wobbly legs gave out. I then sadly/happily informed him that it was time to get a replacement, and he reluctantly agreed. While we did some shopping around, budgetary constraints had us settling for an IKEA coffee table that had a glass covering on top. While the new table was very modern looking and meshed well with the rest of the apartment, I actually started to miss the handmade, personalized aspect of the other table, despite its garish beer theme. I found a good compromise one day, when I was cleaning out my box of photos - I found that I could make a collage out of these photos, place it on top of the table, then secure the pics in place with the glass. Not only do the photos get some usage, but the coffee table looks a little more interesting without looking too juvenile. The boyfriend is happy and so am I~!

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