Monday, December 29, 2008

Laundry Woes

City dwellers can relate to my most recent dilemma - doing laundry in the miserable depths of winter. Although laundry is not a very pleasant chore, it seems ten times harder to do in the city. Not only does our apartment building not have a laundry facility on site, but because our neighborhood is surrounded by real houses, the nearest laundromat is about a 10 minute walk away from our building. Due to the unpleasant nature of hauling mounds of clothing up long city blocks, the pile inevitably accumulates. After much trial and error we've resorted to using the "Granny Cart" in order to most efficiently carry our load. The cart served us well, but like all good things, our time with the cart came to an abrupt end one day when one of the supports holding the wheel together fell off. Much to the delight of onlookers, the cart tipped over, pulling us down with it, and our clothes were strewn about all over Brooklyn! Due to the lack of granny cart stores nearby, we had to improvise, and what I came up with was a makeshift laundry bag using what else: a boot bag! These bags are essentially over sized backpacks for your ski boots. Incidentally, one bag holds enough clothing to fill one of the small washers. I happened to have two bags on hand, so I wore one on my back and wore one in front, leaving my hands free to carry my keys, detergent, and a roll of quarters! If I were the type to care about appearances, I would probably would have been mortified, but I was too impressed with how well this worked. My boyfriend is a little more conscious of social norms and so he kept well away from me, carrying his big bulky laundry basket, cursing as he struggled to balance himself on the icy ground, haha. While I consider this an inspired moment, it is hardly glamorous - in the past when I imagined my life in NYC, carrying dirty clothes in a boot bag was not one of the things I imagined myself doing! While I love my current living situation, I can't wait for the day I get my own washer and dryer - a dishwasher would be nice, too... but I won't push it~

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