Friday, December 12, 2008

DTW Airport

Who knew that airports can be pretty? This is the walkway connecting one concourse to the other at the airport in Detroit. This picture was my consolation prize after missing my flight out of NYC on thanksgiving - an airline that shall remain nameless (starts with a D and rhymes with bksdfjzelta) has a faulty speaker system, where the announcements are made centrally (not from the person who is processing your ticket) and is barely audible. That technological problem, coupled with my tendency to be oblivious to everything resulted in my first missed flight. What was even worse was that I was sitting right in front of the gate - I wasn't late or anything - how embarrassing! My flight back was not much better - we were delayed for four hours, then had some turbulence on our landing, causing the person two rows behind me to vomit in the aisle... they didn't have an air sickness bag apparently, and the smell caused a chain reaction among other passengers on board. I thought that it only happened in the movies. It's amazing how the passage of time makes these situations quite comical - at the time, I don't think anyone found it very funny!

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