Monday, November 3, 2008

Introduction to the Kati Roll

There is something so infinitely appealing about warm food wrapped up in greasy dough that almost every culture has it - I had a good helping of such food when meeting up with friends at the West Village. I never ventured around MacDougal Street much, because I always equated MacDougal with the bar scene, but I was pleasantly surprised by the eateries we went into last night. The first place we stopped at was the Kati Roll Company, which my friend lovingly calls his Indian-Burrito-Comfort Food-Place. For the untrained palate, the Kati Roll tasted like a mixture of meat and vegetables wrapped up in naan, which is a bit like pita bread. Other than the outward appearance, it's nothing at all like a burrito. As expected, it was very spicy - much spicier than I am used to, which my friend claims is a mark of its authenticity! The $5 price tag is icing on the cake. To cool our mouths off, we then stopped by the Crepe Cafe across the street and indulged in a strawberry and nutella crepe - yum! I don't keep nutella in my apartment anymore because it's too dangerous, so I was very happy with the reunion. Although I admit that it wasn't the healthiest of dinners (the vegetable-crazed part of me is crying), it was totally worth it.

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