Friday, October 3, 2008

Lazy Knitting

Hurray, it's sweater season! Fall has to be one of my favorite times of year - the leaves are changing color, it's prime time for apple-picking (not to mention all of the good things that come with it: spiced cider, apple pie, apple donuts...!), and the perfect time for taking hibernating sweaters out of the cedar chest. I think I got a little too excited about this, as I have been knitting in hyper drive, more so than usual. I don't have any problems with the bottom half of the sweater usually - I can take it with me on my commute on the train, and if it's a relatively easy pattern, I don't have to think about it much. The problem I am encountering is when I get past the bottom half and have to either proceed to the sleeves, which require using DPNs or to actually start reading the pattern to make decreases for the sleeves and the neckline. That requires a little more precision and concentration than a train ride + sleepy person can usually warrant, so I end up with projects sitting sadly (sob) in my "to be finished" bag. The projects on hold are (from left): the Stardust, Corona, and the Beau. I have no excuse for putting off the last project, but when you are accustomed to making XS/S sweaters and have to transition into making an XL sweater, each round seems to take absolutely forever~ Other projects not pictured includes things I am making with my leftover yarn: the foliage hat from my leftover Rowan, and The Anthropologie Inspired Capelet from my Louisa Harding. Then there's the gansey that I started last October. Ug.

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