Monday, September 22, 2008

Platinum #2 is done!

I just finished my second platinum sweater from KnitScene - a Christmas present for my mom, I think... Since comfort trumps all in my mom's book, I chose a yarn that was very soft to the touch. I used Louisa Harding's Grace, which is a blend of silk and wool, purchased at my favorite NYC knitting store, Brooklyn General - and it feels incredible! The only concern I have about the yarn is the pill factor, and there were some strange patches throughout because the yarn is a little lumpy in places. I suppose it adds to the charm, or that's what I tell myself anyway... And maybe my head is getting a little big? Embarrassingly enough, I had some difficulty fitting my head through the neck - I have to figure out a looser bind-off technique! For the sleeves, I picked up stitches and did short rows, a lesson that I learned in my previous project, the Starsky. Currently I have about 5 projects lined up - with Sheep and Wool coming up, as well as the cold weather and holiday season, the pressure is on!

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